The Battle Against Drought

In 2016, 116 drought-stricken villages from three talukas in Maharashtra competed for the first edition of the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. While the competition itself was a success, it had results beyond what we imagined. It showed us that it was not just a competition, but a transformative force that could lead to a drought-free Maharashtra. Watch the story of the first Water Cup here. (Duration 43:15 min)

From Drought to Prosperity

When a mass movement informed by science and motivated by the desire for public interest succeeds, streams flow again, and barren, parched land becomes laden with crops. That’s the effect of the Water Cup 2017 in which over 1,300 villages took part. The journey of the second Water Cup is documented in this video. (Duration 9:56 min)

Water Heroes

Through our journey we have come across some powerful and heart-warming stories of ordinary people who have overcome poverty, bridged political divides, defeated apathy and united their society to make their area water-abundant. Using methods ranging from simple to ingenious, watch how these water heroes changed the lives of everybody around them.

Forty Stalwarts (Dur. 6:46)

Leading by Example (Dur. 5:14)

Comeback Kings (Dur. 9:36)

Only Drinking the Good Stuff (Dur. 3:50)

Thirst Knows No Borders (Dur. 3:27)

Bridging Political Divides (Dur. 3:14)