School Project

Children are some of the most sensitive and creative individuals, who possess infinite potential to bring about a change. If we are to succeed in the battle against drought, we must involve children and their explosive energy.

To this end, Paani Foundation has developed Nisargachi Dhamaal Shala – an environmental workshop for middle school students, that aims at highlighting the inseparable bond between humans and nature. 

Using innovative games, activities, music and films we have devised one-hour sessions that raise important questions about our impact on the environment and delve into the topics of resource management, watershed management, etc. 

With the support of Maharashtra Government, Nisargachi Dhamaal Shala reached over 38,000 students from 1,174 schools in Jan-Feb 2019. We received a heartwarming response from teachers and students, all of whom engaged emotionally and critically in this workshop.

In several villages, children blossomed into young leaders, addressing and mobilising large crowds to conserve nature. They organised awareness rallies, created seed banks and nurseries, dug soak pits and even raised funds. With a now or never spirit, they played a crucial role in uniting their village in the fight against drought.