School Project

Since 2016, thousands of villagers have used the scientific knowledge of watershed management to fight drought and make their villages water-abundant. Alongside this inspiring transformation, we have witnessed another heart-warming development – the voluntary participation of children in the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup. In village after village across Maharashtra, children led the charge, doing stellar work. From learning how to make and use a hydromarker, to creating seed banks and nurseries; from planting saplings to quenching the thirst of the adults toiling in the fields, children lent a helping hand and added joy to the Water Cup.

We believe that if we are to succeed in the battle against drought, creating a love for nature among children and providing them with opportunities to nurture nature is critical. This is why we have created a school workshop – Nisargachi Dhamaal Shala – which, through games and activities, sensitises students about the environment and water, and empowers them to take action. Using music, films and experiments, we have devised one-hour long sessions that bring to life the inseparable bond between humans and nature.

With the support of the Government of Maharashtra, this school workshop aims to reach 35,000 students of standard 7-9 in 1,000+ zilla parishad and state-supported schools.