Books on Watershed Management

Watershed management is a proven, scientific and technical solution towards improving water and soil conservation capacities. However, the lack of simple and engaging material on creating watershed structures, has made it challenging for this science to reach many communities on ground.This series of illustrated books in Marathi aims to bridge this gap and make this knowledge more approachable and accessible. It has been created in consultation with experts, for the geography of rural Maharashtra.

These e-versions are open for all and available to download at no cost. Do write to us at, and share your experience of using these books.

How to Make a Jalyantra at Home
Marking Contour Lines using a Jalyantra
Contour Bunds
Measuring Slope without a Hydromarker
Repairing Earthen Dams
Compartment Bunds
Graded Contour Bunds
Recharging a Well
Stop Burning Crop Residues
Small Earthen Dam
Soak Pit
Make a Hydromarker Yourself
Calculating the Slope and Vertical <br>Interval of a Plot of Land
Making a Contour Line
C.C.T. (Continuous Contour Trenches)
Deep C.C.T. (Continuous Contour Trenches)
L.B.S. (Loose Boulder Structure)
Guidelines for Machine Work
Soil Testing