Satyamev Jayate Water Cup

The Satyamev Jayate Water Cup is an annual competition organised by Paani Foundation in which villages compete to do the best work in rainwater harvesting and watershed management. Every year Paani Foundation invites all villages from selected talukas to participate in the six-week long competition. Villages which wish to participate must nominate between three and nine citizens based on their population, and send them to a four-day intensive training programme conducted by Paani Foundation. Here they learn the techniques of scientific watershed management as well as leadership and community building skills. They are also familiarised with the rules and marking system of the Water Cup.

Once the training is complete the competition begins, typically over the months of April and May in preparation for the monsoon. Villages build water conservation structures through Shramdaan (voluntary labour), raise money for machine work, test and treat soil, budget water usage, implement water saving technologies, etc. Paani Foundation makes technical help available to the participants. Once the competition is complete, villages are judged on a 100-point marking system.

The top three villages in 2019 will get cash prizes of ₹75 lakhs, ₹50 lakhs and ₹40 lakhs respectively, and the top village from each taluka will get a cash prize of ₹10 lakhs.

Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) is the knowledge partner of Paani Foundation for the Water Cup.

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