One of the most crucial components of our training resources are explainer films on the basics of watershed management and the various methods of building watershed structures. Created with animated characters and graphics, these videos break down the science in a fun and simple manner. 

Created in Marathi with English subtitles, these films are accessible for free, and have been viewed by lakhs till date. Do watch, and share your thoughts and feedback at

Meet Chaturrao and Chatura Tai
Case Study on Watershed Management
How to Make a Hydromarker at Home
Marking Contour Lines with a Hydromarker
Measuring Slopes With a Hydromarker
Measuring Slopes Without a Hydromarker
How to Construct Continuous Contour Trenches (CCTs)
How to Construct Deep CCTs
How to Construct a Soak Pit
How to Build Loose Boulder Structures
How to Make a Gabion
How to Build a Contour Bund
How to Build a Graded Contour Bund
How to Build a Compartment Bund
How to Build a Small Earthen Dam
How to Repair an Earthen Dam
Nala Deepening and Widening
Soil Testing
Alternatives to Crop Burning
Benefits of MGNREGA
How to Make Your Own Jalyantra
How to Mark Contour Lines Using a Jalyantra
Building a Graded Contour Bund With a Jalyantra
Instructions for JCB and Poklain Operators
How to Recharge a Well
How to Build a Vanrai Bandhara
How to Build a Farm Pond
How to Build Farm Bunds
What is Watershed Management?